1. IT 25 · 50 Symposium “Alan Kay Keynote (with Japanese subtitles)”

    IT 25 · 50 Symposium (LIVE 2:41:36)Alan Kay Keynote (with Japanese subtitles 42:57)IT25・50 Symposium LiveDecember 10, 2018Why We Need To Understand What Douglas Engelbart Was Trying To DoAlan KayViewpoints Research InstituteIt was one of those, was one of those years where many things happened and one of them was the big demo where we--the mouse was first shown to m…


  2. Alan Kay Keynote, IT 25 · 50 Symposium Great success

    December 10, 2018 (Japan time), we held the IT 25 · 50 symposium which commemorated the 50th anniversary of "The Mother of All Demos" by Douglas Engelbart and the 25th anniversary of commercialization of the Internet.The connection between Alan Kay in London and the venue at Keio University Mita Campus was connected by a conference system called Zoom.And on YouTube Live, we broadcast live by v…


  3. “IT 25 · 50” Symposium _ Co-sponsored, cooperative recruitment started

    The 25th anniversary of Internet commercialization & "The Demo" 50th anniversary symposium "IT 25 · 50 ~ for you who really want to change the world ~" is scheduled for December 10, 2018 (Japan time). We have begun recruiting candidates who want to hold local symposium, companies' training usage, and circle viewing and so on. For application and inquiries, please contact http://it2550.com/ask/…